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Dr G R Manjunath: Expert Urological care

Patient-centered urological care with a comprehensive approach.

Patient-Centered Urology Excellence in Bengaluru

With over 15 years of dedicated practice, Dr. G.R. Manjunath is a highly skilled Urologist in Bengaluru. He specializes in comprehensive patient-centric urology care, offering expertise in laparoscopic surgeries, LASER procedures for renal stones (RIRS), LASER TURP for BPH, and various endourology procedures. Dr. Manjunath is renowned for his proficiency in reconstructive procedures for stricture urethra and male and female incontinence, as well as his contribution to numerous successful renal transplant surgeries.


Field of Expertise

Renal Transplantation
Reconstructive Surgeries
Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries
Advanced Laser Surgery_edited.png
Advanced Laser Surgery 
LASER procedures for Urolithiasis and Pr
LASER procedures for Urolithiasis and Prostate.

Urological Care: Leading with Expertise

He has successfully performed numerous surgeries, such as kidney transplants, minimally invasive procedures, and LASER treatments with commitment and compassion






Years of Experience

Patients Treated


 LASER Procedures

Renal Transplants

Affiliated Hospitals

Experienced Dr G R Manjunath's Expert Urological Care at Premier Institutions

Expert Urologist

Meet  Dr G R Manjunath Expert Urologist

Dr. G.R. Manjunath, a renowned urologist with over 15 years of experience, excels in laparoscopic and endourology procedures, LASER TURP for BPH, and reconstructive interventions. His impressive record includes successful renal transplant surgeries. Patients can expect comprehensive evaluations, timely interventions, and thorough guidance for pre and post-operative care, ensuring their well-being.

Remarkable Credentials

MBBS, MS (General Surgery) MCh (Urology)

Assistant professor in Dept of General Surgery @BGS GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES,  Bangalore

  • Senior resident in Dept of Urology in ESIC Medical College and hospital

  • Consultant Urologist  Columbia Asia hospital(Manipal hospital)

  • Consultant Urologist , LASER Laparoscopy & Transplant Surgeon -Vasavi Hospital

  • Consultant Urologist, LASER Laparoscopy & Transplant Surgeon -Prakriya Hospital

  • Consultant Urologist, LASER Laparoscopy & Transplant Surgeon - Trilife Hospital


  • Urological Society of India(USI-NAUS) Fellowship 2018 (UROCON NEPAL 2018)

  • Urological Society of India.

  • Association of Southern Urologists.

  • Karnataka Urological Association.

  • Bangalore Urological Society.

  • American Urological Association

Pioneering Publication

  • Spontaneous isolated intraperitoneal rupture of urinary bladder after normal vaginal delivery presenting as puerperal sepsis


  • Winner KUA Quiz 2018 

  • Runners in SZUSI  2018 

  • SZUSI Travelling Fellowship 2018

  • USI  (Urological Society of India) Travelling Fellowship 2018)

Presentation delivered

  • USICON 2019 : Role of Preoperative Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio(NLR) as a Marker in Predicting Lamina propria invasion Recurrence and Progression in Non muscle invasive Bladder cancer(NMIBC).

  • SZUSICON 2018: The Efficacy of the EORTC Scoring System and Risk Tables for the Prediction of Recurrence and Progression of Non-Muscle- Invasive Bladder Cancer.

  • PERCON-2023 -Dr. G R Manjunath showcased his expertise at PERCON-2023 in Delhi, presenting on a rare vascular complication of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL). He was one of Eminent Faculties who participated from all over the world

Dr. G R Manjunath's journey is a testament to his dedication and expertise. With a solid educational foundation and diverse experience, he's become a skilled urologist. His commitment to patient care, honed through roles as an assistant professor and consultant, makes him a valued medical professional.


Sadanand Kurdikeri

Overcoming Health Challenges with Compassionate Care:
Mr Sadanand Kurdikeri expresses heartfelt thanks to Dr. G. R Manjunath for his exceptional LASER treatment of kidney stones”
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Years of Experience



Patients Treated



Presentation delivered




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